Trying to manage oil and gas installations in often hazardous and isolated locations is an expensive and sometimes unsafe process. Our vision is to minimize site visits, improve safety, reduce cost and ensure on budget project delivery. Our services include:​


3D Laser scan will capture exiting environments in high speeds and with very high accuracy.more »

At 3D Laser Scanning Solutions (3DLSS), we are able to create As-Is 3D models of existing piping, structural steel, mechanical equipment, electrical, and buildings.


The data stored in scanners known as point cloud can be used to allocate the best required location for new tie-in point or piping modifications.more »

With a high accuracy scan the routing of new pipes can be completed without creating a full 3D model of that facility. Instead, we would focus on a partial 3D model of the area being designed. After verifying proposed location of the tie-in point (using point cloud data only), tie-in spool can be accurately designed to perfectly match existing piping using general industry standard or client specifications. Following approval process we are able to produce fabrication drawings (Isometrics) including BOM (Bill of Materials).


Along with the tie-in point allocation and design, point cloud data can be used to create very accurate preliminary designs.more »

Oil and gas facilities can be congested, with difficult and restricted access to higher elevations. Therefore, it is a challenging and very time consuming process to collect
As-Built data with traditional measuring techniques not mention accuracy.
At 3DLSS, we have the ability to do high resolution and detailed scans that represent real As-Is site conditions. Scans are used to verify all construction challenges and to find the best way for a new addition of piping, structural steel or electrical cable tray. This technique eliminates or at least limits the requirements for “field dimension verification” prior to fabrication and construction.


High resolution scans help to analyze and collect a large amount of data on a particular object that is being scanned.more »

It recognizes its appearance in the point cloud data which is stored in a very high degree of detail up to millimeters in accuracy. 3DLSS uses the latest software to reproduce such an object to its complete present condition and parameters.


3D models are created from a point cloud data, where each point has its own coordinate system of X,Y,Z.more »

Stored information will register a true representation of existing objects.
At 3DLSS, with the use of latest software, we are able to merge the collected points to produce a true 3D As-Is or As-Built model representation. Created 3D model can be positioned in its true location based on information provided from survey data.
From 3D models the 2D drawing extraction can be obtained, such as:

  • Piping GA (General Arrangement/Construction Drawings)
  • Piping ISO (Isometric/Fabrication Drawings)
  • Structural Layouts and Detail Construction/Fabrication Drawings
  • Equipment, Mechanical Detail Drawings (Fabrication or Equipment Modification and Quality Control purposes)
  • Site Plans/Plot Plan Drawings


In addition 3DLSS can provide P&ID “Red-Line” mark-ups while performing laser scanning at the same facility.more »

After the P&IDs are “Red-Lined” for the project, they can be back drafted and revised to
As-Built status.